Strategic Plan

Planning to meet the needs of King County communities

The King County Library System has launched a strategic planning process that will guide us through the next several years. KCLS last conducted a strategic planning process in 2007-2008. Since then, the needs of our communities have changed, sometimes significantly. A new strategic plan will help ensure that our services, collections, and programs are aligned with our community needs.


Overview of Strategic Planning Process (PDF)

We began our work in May 2016, so are now a little over the half-way point in the year-long process. We’ve just completed a robust community engagement process that included 45 meetings attended by 517 community members, 48 interviews of community leaders, and a survey that garnered nearly 4,000 responses in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese. A similar staff engagement process wrapped up in October, 2016. Between now and March, we will review the findings from our engagement activities and develop strategic scenarios that will guide our discussion about the best future for KCLS.

Strategic Planning Community Discussions