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Thank you for visiting the King County Library Systems Web site. This Privacy Statement demonstrates the commitment of KCLS to patron security.

King County Library System strives to maintain the confidentiality of patron records. It has always been against KCLS policy to share or sell Web site information.

In order to improve the usefulness of the KCLS Web site for visitors, anonymous statistical information is automatically collected from usage reports that concern network traffic flow and volume.

The information collected consists of:

  • Domain name and IP address of the visitor-- enabling KCLS to troubleshoot issues with the server.
  • Browser being used-- enabling us to better understand local market penetration so we may better design the KCLS page to take full advantage of browser capabilities.
  • Default language set on browsers.
  • Usage patterns-- allowing us to see what options need to move closer to the top to enable users to get information as quickly as possible.
  • Cookies (small text files that store anonymous data about online behaviors that work with non-personally identifiable information relating to recently viewed products, browser types, plug-in details, local time zones, language preferences, device type and screen size)-- enabling us to run online promotional ads to attract past KCLS website visitors back to the site to connect them with other library services of interest.

To use KCLS databases remotely (from outside the Library), users must type in their KCLS library card number, ensuring that King County taxpayers are the only ones benefiting from this information and service. Database vendors do not have access to any user records or information.

Catalog Policy

Names are purged every four days of holdings and previous activity. The information typed into the King County Library System catalog (KCLS library card number and Pin numbers) is used only for internal purposes (i.e., to process holds). KCLS takes many measures to safeguard user information, but KCLS cannot and does not guarantee that every task completed via its catalogs is private.

PC Privacy

KCLS does its best to lock down public access machines. However, KCLS cannot and does not guarantee that every task completed on PCs is private. While KCLS takes many measures to safeguard user information, it is not possible to totally secure a machine without rendering it useless.

See Also

Patron Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about this statement, the practices of this site, or any other questions, please contact

King County Library System
960 Newport Way NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

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