The King County Library System and Puget Sound Energy partner on clean energy

KCLS has gone 100% carbon neutral at most library locations

The King County Library System (KCLS) has gone carbon neutral at 45 library locations and two administrative buildings with help from Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) renewable energy programs. PSE’s Green Power and Carbon Balance programs give businesses the opportunity to purchase 100% renewable energy and/or carbon offsets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through these programs, KCLS will prevent an estimated 19.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere each year.

The Green Power program uses a mix of wind and biogas energy credits to match KCLS’ electricity use. Wind is a renewable resource that has a dramatically lower pollution rate than fossil fuels. Biogas is a natural by-product commonly released at dairy farms and landfills.

The Carbon Balance program offers certified carbon offsets sourced from local carbon reduction projects like the Winston Creek Forest Carbon Project in Blakely, WA. Each carbon offset “block” represents greenhouse gas reduction equivalent to 400 pounds of CO2.

The PSE partnership supplements green efforts already underway at KCLS, which has long committed to environmental stewardship. KCLS’ Capital Bond Building Program, made possible by a voter-approved bond measure in 2004 and completed in 2019, included eco-friendly building designs, green roofs, rain gardens and other features ranging from carpeting to plumbing.

“KCLS is proud to partner with PSE to further improve our building’s energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint,” said KCLS Executive Director Lisa Rosenblum. “This impactful partnership will help preserve and protect the environment for current and future generations to come.”  

“The King County Library System continues to set an example for what it means to serve communities, this time by supporting local renewable energy projects through PSE renewable energy programs,” said PSE Director of Product Development Will Einstein. “PSE’s partnership with KCLS is another way we’re working together to create a clean energy future for all.”

PSE aspires to be a “Beyond Net Zero Carbon” energy company by 2045. It is working to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero, and is helping other sectors across Washington state reduce their carbon production as well. Partnerships with customers like KCLS help engage more people in that mission.