Take Free Tech Courses, and Apply Them for College Credit

Take free tech courses from Cisco, and apply for college credit from Bellevue College!
Cisco NetAcad courses are online, self-paced, and free. You can learn about networking, cybersecurity, programming languages, and more. Then, you can apply for low-cost college credit from Bellevue College.
Here's how it works:
  1. Complete any of the qualifying Cisco NetAcad courses with a 70% score or better. You can self-enroll in any of the eligible Cisco courses through this KCLS link.
  2. Apply to become a student at Bellevue College. (Application cost is $55 and covers placement testing. Skip this step if you're already a student at Bellevue College.)
  3. Complete the Academic Credit for Prior Learning – Prior Experiential Learning Student form. Download full instructions and forms to get reduced-cost college credit here.
  4. Submit the Academic Credit for Prior Learning form by email to Bellevue College.
  5. Pay tuition to Bellevue College: 1-10 credits $45.22/credit. (Normal tuition per credit is $116.05.) 

The credits received are "elective credit with option of substitution". They may apply toward certificate or degree programs. Bellevue College evaluators will help students with this process. 


The Cisco NetAcad courses are online, self-paced, and free. Here are the courses, estimated time to complete, and credits available for each:

Course Title and Estimated Time to Complete
College Credit
Get Connected, 30 hours 2 credits
Introduction to Cybersecurity, 15 hours 1 credit
Cybersecurity Essentials, 30 hours 2 credit
Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things), 20 hours 1.5 credits
NDG Linux Essentials, 70 hours 6 credits
Entrepreneurship, 15 hours 1 credit
PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python, 70 hours 6 credits
Networking Essentials, 70 hours 6 credits

KCLS partners with Washington State Library, Bellevue College, and Cisco Networking Academy.