Event Calendar Will be Redesigned in November

The online event calendar will be redesigned in an update the week of November 15. BiblioCommons, our software developer, will refresh the calendar's layout and features. We hope these changes will help make it easier to find events that you're interested in! Find out what's changing.

What's Changing

The calendar's event search results page will change. The search results page is where you find the schedule of all upcoming events. This is what the current event search results page looks like.

Search Results Page

Browse for events more easily on a new open layout.

Event status and registration information will have a crisper display.

Event descriptions and images will be more functional and visually appealing.

Event Details in Search Results

Save time looking for events you're interested in. You'll be able to get all of these details without leaving the search results page:

  • Description of what will happen at the event
  • Registration details (e.g. when registration opens and closes, or if there's a waitlist)
  • Links to View all dates for other events in a series
  • Images
  • Tags that point to related events (e.g. Event Types, Audience)
Search results on the events page will include these new details: Event date and time, name of the event, a link to view all dates of this recurring series, location, a description of what happens at the event, indication that registration is required, and tags for the program series, topic, audience, and language that you can click to find more related events. On the right side of the event search result is a decorative image related to the event.
All events will include more details on the search results page.

Sorting Options

Find events faster with easier access to popular sorting options.

You'll be able to find these frequently used filters higher up on the left side of the page:

  • Date (The Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, and Next 7 Days options will be removed.)
  • Location
  • Audience
  • Event Type

Sorting options that don't get much use will be closed by default:

  • Program
  • Language

Sorting options are listed in the left column of the calendar page. The first option is Date. This option includes a date picker to choose a start and end date for your search. The second option is Location. Choose from Online events, or a specific library location. The third option is Audience. Choose from different age ranges of Adults, Kids, Teens, and Tweens. The fourth option is Event type. Choose from categories like Art and Entertainment, Author Talks, Book Groups, Citizenship and English Language Learning. The fifth and sixth options are Program and Language. These options are closed by default.


Phone Display

Search the calendar on your phone or tablet with greater functionality and accessibility. You'll find a cleaner layout that's designed to look and work better on smaller screens.

Sorting options will be more prominent at the top.

The Date filter will use your device's built-in controls.

A large Filter button fills the width of the page view on phones. An event search result includes these details: Featured, Veterans Resource Fair, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM November 9, 2021. Online event. For adults. Presenters include Sound Generations' Veterans Caregiver Services, the award-winning.... On top of the event text is a button to skip to top.

What's Not Changing

Individual event listings will not change. Individual event listings are the pages that list full details and registration options. This is an example of an individual event listing.

BiblioCommons will be making more updates later this year or next. Stay tuned!

Share Your Feedback

Tell BiblioCommons about your experience using the redesigned calendar. After the update, there will be an option in the calendar to opt-in to give feedback.