New Hold and Due Date Text Notifications from Message Bee

Our hold and due date text notification service is changing on November 1. We're moving all notifications to one service, called Message Bee. Message Bee will replace Elf, our current notification service. Get text, email, or phone alerts when items are due or ready for pickup. Find out how to sign up and what to expect with this change.

Earlier this year:

Message Bee became our provider for email and phone notifications. We started using them to send locker pickup and phone notifications. Then, we transferred all other email and phone notifications during the summer.

On October 4:

We started offering text notifications from Message Bee during a soft launch. Library users were able to sign up for text notifications to help us test this service. This helped us test and address any issues before expanding this new service.

Starting on November 1:

Message Bee text notification service will begin. You'll be able to receive text, email, or phone notifications from Message Bee. If you sign up for text notifications you'll get a text:

  • when holds are ready,
  • before items are due, and
  • when items are overdue.

You'll need to opt in to use the text service. To sign up to receive text messages, call or visit your library. You won't be able to sign up for or manage alerts online

You'll still be able to use your Elf account to manage multiple accounts. (For example, for family members or different library systems.) 

On December 31:

Our subscription to Elf will end.

Starting January 1:

You will no longer be able to use Elf to manage multiple accounts or get hold notifications.

You can close your Elf account by following these instructions on Elf's support site.

You will still have the option to receive email, phone, print, or text notices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I opt out, or change my contact information for alerts?

Call or visit your library. We're looking into how to offer a way for you to manage your notifications online.

Will I be able to manage multiple accounts with Message Bee?

No. You won't be able to manage accounts for family members or different library systems.

Will I still be able to use my Elf account after December? 

Yes, but services will be limited. You can use Elf's free basic account to get due date reminders and overdue notifications. You won't be able to manage multiple accounts with a free account. Visit Elf's support pages to find out what's available in their free account.

Updated 11/27/2021