Changes in Renewals and Fines Began September 15

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On September 15, we changed the way we renew items and charge fines. We introduced a new feature called auto-renewal. This automatic process may help you keep materials longer without accruing late fines. Overdue items, checked out or renewed after September 15, have begun to accrue late fines. 


Our system will attempt to renew your items three days before they are due. If the item can be renewed, this will happen automatically. This applies to physical items that are:

  • Checked out on or after September 15
  • Have no other patrons waiting for the item
  • Have not already been renewed the maximum number of times

You don't need to take any action to opt in. Auto-renewal is activated for all accounts by default. If you want to opt out, call or visit your library.

Late Fines

Since March 2020:

We haven't been assessing late fines.

On May 4:

We cleared all late fines from library accounts.

On September 15:

We resumed charging late fines on items checked out or renewed on or after September 15.

Accounts that Cannot Borrow Items

Since March 2020:

We've been allowing accounts with high balances to continue to borrow items.

Starting on September 15:

Accounts with balances greater than $25 are unable to borrow items.