Book Drops and Self-Check-in are Now Open 24/7 at Most Locations

Options and hours to return items expanded on May 28. You can now return items 24/7 to book drops or Self-Check-in stations at most locations.

Book drops are open 24/7 at almost every library.

Return items anytime to a manual book drop outside of the library. Book drops are open on Sundays and Mondays when libraries are closed. Please note that staff do not work in the buildings on these days. If the book drop fills up when we're closed, staff aren't available to clear it.

Find a nearby book drop on our location finder map.

The book drop at the Bothell Library is not available 24/7. Check Bothell's library location page for current hours.

Book drops at Crossroads and Kenmore are still closed until further notice. No services are available at either of those locations right now.

Self-Check-in stations are available 24/7 at many locations.

Return items to Self-Check-in stations at many libraries 24/7. Most Self-Check-in stations are open on Sundays and Mondays when libraries are closed. We aren't available to assist if Self-Check-in is out of order when we're closed. If Self-Check-in is out of order after hours, please return items to your library's manual book drop. 

Find a nearby location that offers Self-Check-in.

Self-Check-in is not available 24/7 at the Bothell Library yet. The Self-Check-in station is closed on Sundays or Mondays. We're working to fix a technical issue so we can keep it open 24/7.

Items you return will not be quarantined before they are checked in. 

We've changed our practices. Libraries are no longer required to quarantine items. Governor Inslee changed state requirements for library services on May 19.

With less processing time, you'll experience shorter wait time for holds. 

Though you can now return on Sundays and Mondays, you can't pick up holds or visit the library on those days.

Unless you're picking up in a 24/7 locker, you can only pick up holds during open hours Tuesday-Saturday.