Celebrate the Freedom to Read

Learn about intellectual freedom and your right to seek out ideas and information.

Our Values 

Libraries are spaces where anyone can access information or seek informational guidance. We value intellectual freedom. We support intellectual freedom by facilitating and safeguarding equitable access and privacy. Libraries provide an extensive range of constitutionally protected opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.

We provide you with access to ideas and information to meet your individual needs. This is a First Amendment Right. Everyone has the right to seek out information and expressive content within the law.

Rather than defend access to specific titles, we defend your right to read, listen or view. We support your right to access materials.

We also recognize your right to not borrow an item. This is a personal decision made by each individual or family. We recognize the right of caregivers to select materials for their children, opens a new window. Individuals and groups do not have the right to select what other people can access.

Discover the many ways to celebrate your Freedom to Read

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