What is the difference between Kindle, EPUB, OverDrive Read, PDF eBooks, and MediaDo?

Kindle, EPUB, OverDrive Read, PDF, and MediaDo are different file formats used for eBooks.

  • Kindle eBooks will only work with Kindles devices or the Kindle app.
  • EPUB eBooks work in the OverDrive app and Adobe Digital Editions.
  • OverDrive Read eBooks are designed to be read in a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or FireFox.
  • PDF eBooks can be only be read in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • MediaDo eBooks are designed for graphic novels and can only be read in a web browser- they won't show up in Libby.

More information on eBook file formats is available on the OverDrive help siteopens a new window.