Is assistive software available on KCLS computers?

Assistive software to help accommodate individuals with disabilities is available for use at select libraries.

Available on all KCLS computers:


  • For those with low vision
  • Magnifies the screen in full, lens (area around the mouse pointer), or docked mode (selected area of the screen only)
  • Color inversion (high contrast) available
  • How to use Magnifier on KCLS computers

Basic Magnification

  • Change zoom level in any window with keyboard combination CTRL and + or -
  • Change zoom level in a document (e.g., a Word or Excel file) using the Zoom In/Out option in the bottom right corner of the screen

Available on ADA computers:

Reserve an ADA computer before you visit the library to ensure availability. Make your reservation online (select the computer labeled ADA), or over the phone.

JAWS Screen-Reading software

  • For those with a vision impairment or learning disability, and English language learners
  • Reads what is on the screen

Low-Vision Keyboard

  • For those with a vision impairment
  • Large print white letters on a black keyboard
  • Available at the Auburn Library