How do I enroll in Career Online High School?

  1. Learn about the program. Go to the Career Online High School website.          
  2. Take a short online survey. Complete the "Are You Ready?" survey on the Career Online High School website. The survey will ask you about your access to a computer and how much time you can spend on courses. You'll also need to answer an essay question.        

    If you meet the requirements, we will send you an automated reply when you submit the survey. This message will include information and links to continue onto the pre-requisite course. You will have two weeks from the time you complete the survey to complete the course.

    If you don't meet the requirements, we will help you find other programs that support your goals. 

  3. Complete a prerequisite course. Select a career path and enroll in a prerequisite course.
    During the prerequisite course, you will explore the online learning environment. This will help you know whether you are comfortable with it.
    You will find out if the program will meet your needs or if other options to complete high school are better for you.
    You will figure out if the career field is interesting and appealing.
    You will also show your commitment to completing the full program.    

    To pass the course, you need to score 70% or higher. You must complete the course within 2 weeks of starting it.      

  4. Enroll in the full program. We will contact you after you've completed the prerequisite course. We’ll schedule an interview and discuss enrolling you in the full program.