Who Said Moo?

I went to a farm when I was two,
And on that farm, I heard a moo!
Who said moo? Horse, did you?
No way! Horse said, neigh!
Who said, moo? Lamb, did you?
No ha-ha! Lamb said,baa!
Who said, moo? Cat, did you?
He didn’t know how. Cat said, meow!
Who said, moo? Dog, did you?
That would be tough. Dog said, ruff!
Who said, moo? Hen, did you?
No such luck. Hen said, cluck!
I was feeling so sad, I wanted to cry,
When a black and white cow, came walking by.
Do you know what she said? I think you do.
Let’s say it together: The cow said: MOOOOOO!!!