We’re going on a dinosaur hunt

We're going on a dinosaur hunt, We're going to find a big one.
It's a beautiful day; We're not scared.
How will we get there?  Quick, into the time machine (whir, whir, whir)
What's this?  A tropical forest with giant, weird plants!
We can't go over it, we can't go under it, got to go through it (slash, slash, slash).
A really heavy rainstorm! (run, run, run)
A big muddy swamp! (splosh, splosh, splosh)
A wide deep river! (swim, swim, swim)
What's that ahead?  Skinny little arms with claws, hard scaly skin, dark beady eyes.
It's -- a -- T. Rex!!!!
Back through the river, the swamp, the rainstorm, the forest, back into the time machine (whir, whir, whir).
Back in our own time!  We won't go on a dinosaur hunt again!
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