Ukrainian – Geese,Geese! Гуси, гуси!

- Гуси, гуси!
- Га-га-га.
- Є хочете?
- Так Так Так.
- Ну летите!
- Нам не можна!
Сірий вовк під горою
не пускає нас дому!
- Ну летите, як хочете,
Тільки крила бережіть!

- Gusi, gusi!
- Ga-ga-ga.
- Yest' khotite?
- Da-da-da.
- Nu letite!
- Nam nel'zya!
Seryy volk pod goroy
Ne puskayet nas domoy!
- Nu letite, kak khotite,
- Tol'ko kryl'ya beregite!

"Geese, geese!"
-Do you want to fly?
- Yes, Yes!
- Sure, Fly!
- But we cannot!
A gray wolf is under the mountain,
And cannot get home!
- Well, fly when you can,
And please take care of the wings!

Game Instructions for the song:
One child is the farmer's wife. One is the wolf. The rest are the geese.
The farmer's wife stays on one end of the yard and the geese on the other. The wolf hides. The farmer's wife says the first line. The "geese" recite the 2nd. Then they alternate lines. At the end of the 2nd verse, the geese run while flapping their wings to try to get to the farmer's wife for food. The wolf tries and tags a goose. Then the children can play another round and continue until all of the geese are caught.