There was a Little Mouse

There was a little mouse
Looking for a house
Not here
Not here
But here, here, here

Variation 1:
There was a little mouse, (run hand from under child's armpit down arm to hand)
Who found a piece of cheese.
He gave mama a piece, he gave papa a piece, (mime handing out cheese from palm of hand)
He gave sister a piece, he gave brother a piece,
And then he ran back home, (run fingers back up arm)
And he went to sleep! (tuck hand under armpit and tickle!)
note: insert names of family members or friends for mama, papa, etc.

Variation 2:
I have a little mouse, who found a piece of cheese. (start at baby's armpit, then run fingers down to palm of hand)
He gave him a piece, he gave her a piece, he gave me a piece, (pretend to share cheese with others)
Then he ran back home, and he went to sleep! (run fingers back up arm, then tuck into armpit and tickle!)
Insert others' titles with he gave grandma a piece, he gave grandpa a piece, he gave Johnny a piece, he gave Laurie a piece', etc., ''then run back home!