Here is the ostrich straight and tall,
(raise one arm for ostrich)
Nodding his head above us all,
(use your raised wrist to 'nod' like an ostrich head)
Here is the hedgehog prickly and small,
(hold hands together with fingers together)
Rolling himself into a ball,
(cup both hands into a ball)
Here is the spider scuttling around
(wriggle fingers like a spider)
Treading so lightly on the ground,
(let fingers crawl on arm or leg)
Here are the birds that fly so high,
(interlock both thumbs while rest of fingers spread out like a bird)
Spreading their wings across the sky,
Here are the children fast asleep,
(pretend to be asleep)
And in the night the owls do peep,
(ring eyes with fingers for owl eyes)