Japanese – Rolling Acorn どんぐりころころ

どんぐりころころ どんぶりこ
お池にはまって さあ大変
どじょうが出て来て 今日は
ぼっちゃん一緒に 遊びましょう

どんぐりころころ よろこんで
しばらく一緒に 遊んだが
やっぱりお山が 恋しいと
泣いてはどじょうを 困らせた


Donguri korokoro   donburi ko
O ike ni hamatte   sā taihen
Dojō ga detekite   konnichi wa
Bocchan issho ni   asobimashō

Donguri korokoro   yorokonde
Shibaraku issho ni   asondaga
Yappari oyama ga   koishī to
Naite wa dojō o   komaraseta


An acorn is rolling and rolling,
Got stuck in a pond, it’s terrible,
A pond loach came out and said hello,
Invited the acorn to play together

The acorn is happy to play,
They played together for a while,
The acorn started to miss the mountain,
Cried and made the pond loach worry for the new friend