I’m Hopping Like a Bunny

Use a slide whistle- say to your group- “When you hear this sound (slide whistle up) stand up. When you hear this sound (slide whistle down) sit down. “ Let the children practice before you sing the song. You can act out any animals you wish. Here is a sample of dramatic play you can do:
I’m hopping like a bunny, I’m hopping all around
Hopping like a bunny and now I’m hopping down. (hop like a bunny)
I’m flittering like a chipmunk, flittering all around
Flittering like a chipmunk and now I’m flittering down. (move arms back and forth and move back end like you have a tail)
I’m flying like an owl, flying all around,
flying like an owl and and now I’m flying down. (fly like an owl)
I’m prowling like a pussycat, prowling all around,
Prowling like a pussycat and now I’m prowling down.
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