I am a Tall Tree

I am a tall tree, (both hands reach up.)
I reach toward the sky. (stretch toward the sky.)
Where bright stars twinkle, (look up, open and close fingers to make stars.)
And clouds float by. (Arms move slowly in one direction.)
My branches toss high
As the wild winds blow, (Arms wave wildly.)
And they bend down low,
When they’re laden with snow. (Bow slightly, stretching arms downward toward front.)
When they sway gently (Arms out in front, swaying gently.)
I like it the best.
Then I rock birdies to sleep in their nest.(Continue swaying arms while forming nest with hands.)

Adapted from I’m a Little Teapot: Presenting Preschool Storytime, opens a new window, by Jane Cobb. Black Sheep Press, Vancouver; 1996