Here Is the Little Boy

Here is the little boy, (hold up index finger)
Here is his bed, (hold out other hand palm up)
Here is his pillow, (lay thumb across palm)
Where he lays his head. (put index finger on pillow)
Here are his blankets, (wiggle fingers)
Pull them up tight. (cover "boy" with fingers)
Sing him a lullabye, (rock bed)
And kiss him goodnight! (kiss "boy")

This Little Boy
This little boy is going to bed
Down on the pillow he lays his head.
He wraps himself in covers tight,
And this is the way he sleeps all night.
Morning comes, he opens his eyes.
Off with a toss the covers fly.
Soon he is up and dressed and away,
Ready for fun and play all day!

You can substitute various things for "little boy" in this rhyme. For example, you could do "Here is the princess," or "Here is the teddy bear," or "Here is the baby."

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