Down by the Bay

This can be done as a call-and-response song. Be creative and make up your own rhymes! To learn the tune, you can check out the Raffi music CD Singable Songs Collection, opens a new window (or check out this video on YouTube, opens a new window).

Down by the bay
Where the watermelons grow
Back to my home
I dare not go
For if I do
My mother will say,
"Did you ever see a WHALE with a POLKA-DOT TAIL down by the bay?"

Repeat with other animals and rhymes. For example: 

"Did you ever see a fox, hiding in a box?"
"Did you ever see a snake baking a cake?"
"Did you ever see a cat, wearing a hat?"
"Did you ever see a moose, kissing a goose?"
"Did you ever see an ant, climbing a plant?"
"Did you ever see a bear, combing his hair?"
"Did you ever see a llama, wearing pajamas?"