Do Your Ears Hang Low

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulder,
Like a Continental soldier? Do your ears hang low?

Yes my ears hang low, yes they wobble to and fro.
I can tie them in a knot, I can tie them in a bow.
I can throw them over my shoulder,
Like a Continental soldier, yes my ears hang low!

Alternative second verse:
Do your ears hang high, do they reach up to the sky?
Do the wrinkle when they're wet, do they straighten when they're dry?
Can you wave them at your neighbor with an element of flavor?
Do your ears hang high?

Alternative third verse:
Can you roll your eyes? Can you move them left and right?
Can you open them real wide? Can you close them really tight?
Can you give a little wink, and a blink, blink, blink?
Can you roll your eyes?