Arabic – Mum is Coming Soon ماما زمانها جاية

جايبة معاها شنطة، فيها وزة وبطة، بتقول واك واك واك
عارف الواد اللي اسمه عادل جه الدكتور وعمل له ايه؟ ايه ايه؟
لقى رجليه كانوا زي الفتلة بص شوية جوه عنيه،
راح مديله حقنة كبيرة، عارف اداله الحقنة ليه؟ ما بيشربش اللبن الصبح وكل صحابه ضحكه عليه
واهو من يومها كبر وبيشرب واتربى له عضل في اديه

Mum is coming soon, coming in a little while, bringing toys and things
Bringing with her a bag, in it there are a goose and a duck saying waak waak waak
Do you know the boy whose name is Adel and what the doctor came and did to him? What what?
He found that his legs were so skinny and he looked inside his eyes for a little while
Then he gave him a big injection, do you know why did he give him the injection?
He does not drink the milk in the morning and all his friends laughed at him
And since that day, he grew up and drinking the milk and has muscles in his arms.