Once Upon a Time: Fairy Tales for Adults

Let’s face it, being a grown-up isn’t always so much fun. With work, bills, long commutes, and chores, some days I can’t help but dream of returning to the carefree days of childhood. Luckily, books have a special kind of magic that can take us anywhere, anytime. So, if you need to escape into a world of make-believe, check out one of these fairy tales for adults, and let some of that portable magic in.


Dragons, wizards, witches, and enchanted woods make Naomi Novik’s Uprooted a great choice for your next escape. This story has all the classic fairy tale elements but with some interesting twists. Follow along as our young heroine discovers her own kind of magic, and maybe you’ll find a little bit of your own along the way.

The Forgotten Garden

In The Forgotten Garden, a mysterious book takes center stage. When a little girl is found alone on a ship with nothing but a small suitcase and a beautiful book of fairy tales, she is adopted by a local couple and raised as their own. When she turns twenty-one and learns the truth, she sets out to discover her origins. Be ready to get swept up in the mystery as the story about the little girl, and her book, unfolds.

Raven Girl

If you need a really deep dive back into childhood, a picture book may be just the thing. Give in to your inner child with Raven Girl, a darkly illustrated tale of love and murder that is sure to transport you to another time and place.

If you'd like even more bookish magic, here are some additional fairy tale titles, or for personalized book suggestions please come visit your local fairy godmother, I mean librarian. We LOVE to talk about books, and when we get the chance to help you discover your next great adventure, we can all read happily ever after.