Northwest Author Garth Stein

I recently experienced the heartbreak of saying "goodbye" to my dog Teddy. Throughout the process, my veterinarian not only provided excellent care but caring. At one point we had a conversation in which we agreed the author that has best captured how dogs really think has to be Garth Stein in his bestseller, The Art of Racing in the Rain. Stein tells the story from Enzo's point of view as the wise old dog reflects upon life and all his family has been through. This endearing canine won my heart and is also the star of multiple children's books. A word of advice, have your tissues ready for this one.

As in The Art of Racing in the Rain, Stein, who was also a race car driver, draws on personal experiences to enrich his stories and create tangible characters. If you are looking for a great Pacific Northwest author, check out one (or like me, all) of his novels.

Raven Stole the Moon

In his debut novel, Garth Stein draws on his Native American heritage to tell the wrenching story of Jenna Rosen, a grieving mother who abandons her life in Seattle to return to Alaska, the place where her young son disappeared, in order to reconcile the mystery of his death.

Also available in eBook and Audiobook CD.

How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets

Stein takes inspiration from his days as a rock band member to get into Evan's head. Evan, a 31-year-old former band member who is just getting by doing menial work in a music shop and teaching guitar lessons, learns he has a son and decides he has to change.

Also available in Audiobook CD.

A Sudden Light

Best described as a coming-of-age ghost story, Stein's latest novel brings readers into the life the Riddell family through the eyes of 14-year-old Trevor whose quest to reunite his parents becomes a journey into his family's dysfunctional past.

Also available in eBook, Audiobook CD and Downloadable Audiobook.