#LoseHateNotWeight in the New Year

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For many, the new year is a fresh opportunity to reflect on personal values and goals. It can also be a time of year when you might encounter an increased number of marketing messages from the diet and fitness industries. If these messages don't align with your personal values or reflect your lived experiences, it can be difficult to find media that embrace other approaches. The library wants to help make resources related to body positivity and health at every size more visible for those who might be interested in exploring the topic. 

#LoseHateNotWeight is a hashtag started by Virgie Tovar; an author, activist, and lecturer on fat discrimination and body image. Tovar shares the intention behind the hashtag on her blog, writing:

"#LoseHateNotWeight is about shifting the meaning of health away from numbers on scales to holistic emotional, spiritual and sexual well-being with the recognition that hating your body is not healthy."

If that is a philosophy that resonates with you then check out the booklist inspired by the hashtag.

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