Earn a Certification from Home

Earn a software or technology skill certification from home, and prove your skills for school or work. KCLS connects you to proctored online certification exams offered by Certiport.

(Note: Read the Certiport Test Candidate Guide to make sure your computer set-up meets the technical requirements. After September 2nd, test candidates will need to download a secure browser; details on how to download browser will be provided in Step 7 below.)

Steps to earn a certification from home:

  1. Select the certification you wish to pursue from the options at kcls.org/getcertified.
  2. Recommended: Complete the course(s) in the “Learn” section for the selected certification.
  3. Required: Complete the practice exam in “Test” mode with an 80% score or better for the selected certification.
  4. Select a certification date and time from the KCLS Calendar.
  5. Request registration: Email instruction@kcls.org with subject line “CFH Registration Request," and include your full name; the certification exam you plan to take; proof of your "Test" mode practice exam score (80% or better, screenshot or pdf accepted); and the selected exam date/time. We will confirm your registration by email.
  6. Re-read Certiport Test Candidate Guide.
    • Must have a Certiport account for exam; get one free at Certiport.com.
  7. Receive exam link from KCLS to connect to the proctored online certification exam on day of exam.

Important Notes:

  • Registration will be handled on a first-come first-serve basis for those showing acceptable proof of item #3 above. We will confirm your spot after receiving your request.
  • Certification Exam Session held in-libraries will resume when appropriate.