Adults: Graduate from Elementary, Middle and High School!

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Have you ever dreamed of finishing your studies? Find the help and inspiration to make it happen! It is never too late! 

Presenting Alejandra, Plaza and HS+ graduate.
Earn my certificates, is the best gift that I have given to myself! 

Alejandra immigrated to the USA when she was 15 years old and at that time, she did not have time to finish her studies. After years of yearning to finish her studies, Alejandra found the Bellevue Plaza Comunitaria program.

The Plaza gave her the opportunity to study at the primary and junior high levels. 

"I found Plaza Comunitaria through a flyer outside at my daughter’s school. At the time I didn’t attach any importance to it because I thought that at my age it would be very difficult to go back to school. I couldn't imagine the impact that my returning to school would have on my family. Receiving my certificates and seeing how happy and proud my children felt was the greatest gift l could have been given! For me, the most difficult part of learning was the math and algebra. Now I can say that I have overcome that challenge! I never felt alone. I was lucky to have the support of Plazas tutors, all of whom were very kind people who, beyond being highly qualified people, motivated me to continue working hard."

Advise from Alejandra to potential students:

"For those who want to finish their studies: tell them that yes, they can! Age is not an impediment, but laziness is!  Studying is a gift for you and no one else. It is worth the effort!"

The Plaza Comunitaria program offers free and remote help to adults of any nationality who want to finish their primary and secondary studies with an official diploma in King County, WA. For more information (425) 369-3443 or to register contact

To pre-register for the HS+ program call or text 206-880-1704 or write an email to