4 Great Podcast & Book Pairings

Maybe you're a voracious podcast fiend who wants to become immersed in the topics discussed on your favorite shows. Or maybe you're a wide-eyed newbie who's just a bit intimidated by the vast, ever-expanding universe of podcast choices. In any case, this list is for you! Use it to find a book that explores similar themes as […]

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On YOUR Recommendation

One of the very best things about working for a library is talking to folks about books and movies when they come up to the desk. I cannot tell you how many times a patron has walked in to return a book or called to place a hold on an item and raved to me about […]

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Northwest Author Garth Stein

I recently experienced the heartbreak of saying "goodbye" to my dog Teddy. Throughout the process my veterinarian not only provided excellent care, but caring. At one point we had a conversation in which we agreed the author that has best captured how dogs really think has to be Garth Stein in his bestseller, The Art of Racing in […]

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A Twin Peaks Road Trip

It's happening again. The bizarre and beloved cult classic Twin Peaks has returned to the small screen. For the unfamiliar- Twin Peaks was a television series, on air in the early 1990s. It is set in a sleepy Washington town full of dark secrets and quirky characters. The show's creator, David Lynch, is known for his surreal […]

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10 to Try Check-in: June

Happy Audiobook Month! Since we're celebrating audiobooks all month, seems appropriate to finish the Listen to an Audiobook category for 10 to Try in June. I picked Caleb's Crossing for a couple of reasons. First, I love historical fiction on audio, especially historical fiction that's written, as Caleb's Crossing is, in a style that matches the setting - in this case, […]

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The Word is Out: 2017 Audiobook of the Year!

Attention fellow audiobook lovers: Winners of the 2017 Audies are announced! As a shameless audiobook snob, I have been impatiently looking forward to the announcement of the winners for the 2017 Audies. The Audio Publishers Association honors the best titles, narrators, and production efforts in audio publishing with the annual Audie Awards. The awards cover 27 categories that include the […]

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Four Novels About Communication Glitches/Blips/Errors/Surprises

Communication and time travel? Communication faster than the speed of sound? How about general communication enhancement? Take a trip with these novels of mishaps and you maybe grateful for the limitations of conversational methods currently at your disposal! Crosstalk Imagine having a tiny chip implanted in your brain so that you can instantly exchange thoughts with […]

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