An Everyday Princess

I suppose it's weird that at my age I would even consider myself a princess, yet here I am, wearing a tutu to weekly Story Times and occasionally rocking a tiara...with a hoodie and tennis shoes. Perhaps it has something to do with being denied that Princess identity when I was younger--how many brown Disney […]

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Help for Caregiver Burnout

Caring for an aging loved one can be a blessing and a burden. I recently experienced this firsthand. When my 98-year-old grandmother, who was suffering from dementia, arrived in our home for a "trial visit," we were completely unprepared for the challenges of caregiving. As with many dementia patients, she had managed to mask her […]

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New Year, New Hobbies

It's officially January, which means many of us are thinking about the resolutions we'd like to try during the new year. Unfortunately, new year's resolutions often trend toward the pessimistic or self-critical, such as focusing on changing perceived flaws in our appearances. Instead of dwelling in a negative headspace, try resolving to use this year […]

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What would Bigfoot read?

In this ongoing series of posts, I've made reading recommendations for all kinds of fictional characters, from Walt Longmire to Bilbo Baggins.  Today, a library patron asked what I would recommend for extremely fictional characters like Bigfoot. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a cryptid--an animal that is generally regarded as imaginary.  Since Bigfoot probably doesn't exist, […]

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