Celebrate DIA Children’s Day/Book Day!

In 1996, Mexican American author Pat Mora founded an initiative that celebrates reading in any language and honors cultural diversity. This initiative is called Children's Day/Book Day, known as DIA (Diversity in Action) and is celebrated on April 30 every year. KCLS libraries honor multiculturalism and the importance of reading by offering special exhibits and programs […]

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Tale As Old As Time

beauty and the beast dance

If you ask the average library staff member what their favorite Disney movie is, chances are high that they will talk about Beauty and the Beast. And is it so surprising? The heroine Belle is a consummate booklover. The Beast woos Belle with an enormous multistoried library. The two bond by reading together *happy sigh.* […]

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Potty Training Power!

Toddler reading book from Books to Grow On Potty set

Wouldn't it be lovely if there were such a thing as Potty Training Power? Like a super power where parents get to wear a cape and have the ability to make potty training super easy? Dream on, potty trainers. Yes, it is work but it is such necessary work and we're all proud of you […]

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Happy 75th Birthday, Poky Little Puppy!

Whenever someone is moving a little slowly, I call them a "Poky Little Puppy," the distracted pup from Little Golden Books who some people may remember from their childhood. Today, NPR announced the 75th birthday of Poky Puppy, along with a few other lovable characters from the 1940s. At age 75, Poky Puppy may be slower than ever, but his book never […]

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“What books can I share with kids about a dying pet?”

Collie sitting and looking up expectantly

One of the hardest topics for parents to talk about with children--especially young children--is death.   Death is sometimes scary. It's mysterious, and often sad. Most of us want to protect the children we love from scary, sad, and mysterious situations. However, if you live a life with animals as I do, you need to know about […]

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Infant and Family Story Times Now at 320th! TGIF!

Infants and parents playing at story time.

Friday is story time day for me at the 320th Library! First, I start with Infant Story Time at 10:30. (This is new for Federal Way 320th as of January.) And then, Family Story Time starts at 11:15! Wait, did you read "Infant Story Time?" Why in the world would anybody bring an infant to story time? Infants […]

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Must-Reads for New Parents

Expecting a new addition to your family? If so, you may be inclined to hit the books to prepare yourself for parenthood. The library is here to help! Here are five categories that parents-to-be can explore. 1. Books about different parenting styles. It's certainly not necessary to devote yourself to one specific school of parenting, but it's […]

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Bookmarks and Landmarks Junior

Mary Olson Farm

Read the book and live the history! King County Library System, South King County Culture, and three fantastic local historical societies have collaborated on this unique book club opportunity for families. Bookmarks and Landmarks Junior allows families to really dive into the history of our area and explore a general store in Maple Valley, a mansion in Auburn, and […]

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Sitting Still? Not on Preschool Fitness Day!

A picture of Peter Rabbit standing on his head.

Today, January 27, 2017 is National Preschool Fitness Day! And what better way to celebrate than "read" some good books? That's just what we did at Family Story Time today. Starting with Hop, Hop, Jump! by Lauren Thompson We stood up, sat down, stretched, wiggled, waggled, and of course hopped and jumped. This book has large colorful […]

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Girls Gone Activist

Girls can make a difference! The recent Women's March on Washington and marches throughout the nation motivated women of all ages to take action. Enjoy these true stories about ordinary girls who made an impact and inspire young readers to take action for causes they care about. For the Right to Learn When one thinks of girls who have made an […]

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