Meet Your Heroes: Dori Hillestad Butler

Mystery writer Dori Hillestad Butler wears a Sherlock Holmes costume and holds a magnifying glass over a shelf of her 52+ books while as characters from her two series, one a golden lab, the other a ghost boy hover to either side of the author.

I remember when I was a little girl, and was taken to meet Marguerite Henry. I was both a bookworm and thoroughly horse-crazy, so this was a pretty big deal. The picture I built up in my head was of Wild Horse Annie--and not even the real Velma Johnston, but the illustrated character Wesley Dennis drew […]

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Picture Books to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day, commemorated every year on April 22, marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement, which began in 1970 when 20 million Americans took to the streets to raise awareness for environmental issues. As a child, I don't remember the Earth Day marches, but I distinctly remember sitting in the long gas lines of the […]

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Get Outside and Play!

Kids in Nautre

Is it raining? It doesn't matter! We are proud and slightly soggy Pacific Northwesterners and WE DO NOT FEAR A LITTLE RAIN! You have to say that with great gusto while standing majestically in a windswept field... or something like that. Maybe just standing in your living room would work too. Either way, it's time to get […]

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Unicorn? Narwhal? Why Not Both!

featured image

As I sit here, wearing a shirt festooned with donut-eating narwhals and contemplating the purchase of a truly epic pair of socks, I feel compelled to share with all of you, dear readers, what I'm sure will soon be recognized as the most delightful picture book available in this or any other library system: Not […]

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Fiestas! Let’s get ready for school!

How can I help my children prepare for school? It’s easy! Come to the KCLS Fiestas program! The goal of the Fiestas Early Literacy Parties in Spanish program is to help parents and caregivers of preschool age children help prepare their children for kindergarten. This program is free and offered entirely in Spanish. Fiestas workshops […]

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Stuffed Animal Sleepover!

Stuffed animals read the book Froggy's Sleepover

What is a Stuffed Animal Sleepover? Kids bring their stuffed animals to the library for a special story time, then leave the stuffed animals overnight for a sleepover party (under close librarian supervision). When the kids return the next day to pick up their stuffed animals, they find pictures of what their stuffed animals did at […]

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Last-Minute Audiobooks for Family Trips

Are you and your family going on a road trip and need a story to keep the whole crew interested (and your sanity intact)? If you need something that will appeal to kids and adults alike, and you need it NOW, take a look at our collection of downloadable and streamable audiobooks from OneClickDigital! The perk of OneClickDigital? There […]

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Get to Know ideaX

Child working with STEM technology at ideaX

We want to encourage, empower, and inspire you to create awesome in the world. How can you do that at the library? With ideaX programs and tools, you can learn new skills, whether it's creating electronic circuits, making a talking, moving robot, crafting a structure with a 3D pen, or mixing up a beat for […]

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Celebrate DIA Children’s Day/Book Day!

In 1996, Mexican American author Pat Mora founded an initiative that celebrates reading in any language and honors cultural diversity. This initiative is called Children's Day/Book Day, known as DIA (Diversity in Action) and is celebrated on April 30 every year. KCLS libraries honor multiculturalism and the importance of reading by offering special exhibits and programs […]

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Tale As Old As Time

beauty and the beast dance

If you ask the average library staff member what their favorite Disney movie is, chances are high that they will talk about Beauty and the Beast. And is it so surprising? The heroine Belle is a consummate booklover. The Beast woos Belle with an enormous multistoried library. The two bond by reading together *happy sigh.* […]

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