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Winning Kids Entry

“The Nearly Disastrous Flight” by Anna M.

I once had a friend named "Guy,"
Who was completely convinced he could fly.
I tried to say "No."
But he wanted to go
And jump off a cliff in July.

June came along
And he said with a song,
"I can't wait! I could practically dance!"
He was crazy, I'm sure,
But there wasn't a cure
So I went to his big brother, Lance.

Lance said with a sigh,
"Thank you, I'll try
To deter him from seeking his doom.
If he won't stop, fantastic!
We'll have to get drastic,
And lock him alone in a room."

My worry had spiked
So I jumped on my bike
To convince him to give up his dream.
When he just wouldn't listen
I continued my mission,
But when I mentioned a bird, he would beam.

On July twenty-nine,
He announced, "It is time!"
And I practically bawled on the spot.
So as he prepared
I confessed I was scared
That he wouldn't a lot!

But only to find
He had made up his mind
To continue his foolish endeavor.
As he sat on his bed,
Guy looked up and said,
"If I do this, I'm famous forever."

I gave him a stare
but he just didn't care,
so he walked to the cliff with a smirk.
Ignoring my plea
Guy jumped toward the sea,
Down to where sea monsters lurk.

Then out of the sky
Came a plane way up high,
And up in the cockpit was Lance!
He caught Guy with speed
then nearly got treed.
So he landed and started to dance.

So Lance saved the day
And went singing, "Oh yay!"
For preventing a terrible fate.
Then sat down with Guy
And explained that, to fly,
Isn't possible for men in this state.

And Guy learned his lesson,
Though birds did impress him,
So he studied them year after year.
And with every new species,
He collected new feces.
(Don't worry, there's none over here!)

Notable Mention

“Math Attack” by Cora R.

Class get out your math books
Hands freeze
Tummy swirls
Breath quick and shallow
Dashing heart, cheeks like fire
All around me, blurting answers, loud and proud
Fingers fidget, toes tap
Numbers buzz around like bumble bees
I fade away
Take a deep breath
Firm feet into the ground
I look up
I can be worried and be okay
I am back

Notable Mention

“Words Hurt” by Gwen K.

Too often,
words are thrown like freshly sharpened projectiles,
aiming for the people they know they can hurt the most,
and they always find their mark.

And then,
you are told to slap a band aid on a cut you know it too deep,
that you know a band aid can never heal because it was made with words.
And. It. Hurt.

Too often, words are used like a bulldozer,
slamming into those who have just built their foundations,
and don't have the strength to keep standing.

And then,
you are told to rebuild,
after everything has been reduced to rubble,
and you know you can never rebuild,
because you were destroyed with words.
And. It. Hurt.

Too often,
words become a tool to open the floodgates,
letting water rush towards those who stand too close,
and swallowing them in the flood.

And then,
you are told to swim through a current you know is too strong,
that you can never swim,
because you are drowning in words.
And. It. Hurt.

Too often, you are told that sticks and stones might break your bones,
but words can never hurt you,
and you know it's not true,
because actions can be hurtful,
But words. Hurt. Too.

Notable Mention

“The Unseen Light” by Jalal W.

In darkest depths where shadows lie,
And stars are but a distant sigh,
There lies a light unseen by all,
A glowing ember, a fire small.

It flickers soft, it glows so bright,
A precious gem in darkest night,
And though it burns, it leaves no trace,
Its warmth and light, an unseen grace.

For though it glows, it hides its flame,
And in its silence, it remains,
A secret light, a hidden spark,
A beating heart, within the dark.

It whispers secrets to the night,
And paints the darkness with its light,
A shining beacon, pure and true,
A light that guides, and sees us through.

And though it's hidden, still it shines,
A quiet light, that forever binds,
The darkest depths, to the brightest heights,
The unseen light, that never dies.

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