Second Floor of Bellevue Library Will Be Unavailable Starting August 5

Replacement of carpeting on the second (2nd) floor of Bellevue Library will begin on August 5, 2019.  As a result, the second floor of the Bellevue Library will be closed for August 5 and 6. We apologize for the inconvenience.

During the closure:

  • The second-floor computers, books, seating, and rooms will be unavailable. 
  • Library users will have access to the first floor (fiction, media, world languages, Makerspace, meeting/study rooms) and the third floor (children's area).
  • The first floor and the third floor will be open. 
  • WiFi will still be available, but almost none of the library's internet computers will be available during August 5-6. If you need a library computer, we recommend other nearby libraries. Some of the larger nearby libraries are Kirkland Library or Redmond Library.

On Thursday, August 8: 

  • The computer area on the second floor is scheduled to reopen (please call ahead 425-450-1765 if you need access to the computers).
  • The rest of the books, furniture, and rooms will probably not be available at that time.

Later in the week, more areas of the second floor may open as work is completed. Work is scheduled to finish on Sunday, August 11. Full access to the second floor is tentatively scheduled to open during the week of August 12. 

Timeline of impacted services:

August 5-11: Second floor of Bellevue Library will be closed (No access to nonfiction books, the genealogy collection, magazines/newspapers, computers, seating areas, and study rooms). The rest of the Bellevue Library will be open.

August 8 through 11: Computers on the second floor of Bellevue Library are scheduled to be available. The rest of the second floor may still be closed (probably no books/magazines/newspapers, no study rooms, and no additional seating). 

August 10 through completion: The following sections of the second floor are available:

  • All computers
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Copiers
  • Genealogy and Pac NC Collections
  • Second-floor study rooms
  • Seating areas
  • Nonfiction books from 000-629

Week of August 12: Tentative opening of full access and availability to the second floor. Completion date remains to be determined at this time.

This post was updated on August 7, 10, and 12, 2019.