Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Level 2

PowerPoint is presentation software that allows you to create dynamic presentations. You can use text, pictures, charts, animation, or videos to create slideshow presentations for school (book reports, science fairs, etc.); work (project proposals, reports, etc.); or to communicate some type of information or story.

In Microsoft PowerPoint - Level 2 class you will learn more about PowerPoint, including themes, transitions, and presenting your slideshow. You will connect to online tutorials and courses to reinforce and advance your learning. As you’re going through the class, think about how you may use PowerPoint.

Here are a couple short videos that show you some of the things you'll be learning and practicing in class:

Want to continue learning and practicing on your own? Try these resources on a home computer, or come in to use a library computer:

We're glad you signed up for the class and look forward to seeing you! And remember, "those who do the work, do the learning!"