10 to Try Check-in: August

It's summer! In the spirit of taking it easy, I chose Read a Book Recommended by KCLS Staff this month and let someone else pick my book. I asked for recommendations for witty romantic comedies (something like Eligible or The Royal We, both of which are perfect summer reads). A friend and coworker suggested Public Relations, a comedy about a PR professional and […]

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My Guilty (Reading) Pleasure

Restoree Just take a gander at that cover, eh? What self-respecting hard science fiction nerd like yours truly is going to be anything but embarrassed to be seeing reading this book? But darn, it's addictive fun. Written by award winning SF-writer Anne McCaffrey (Dragonflight, Dragonsong), its been read and re-read by her many fans (including me). […]

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Food and Romance: A Pairing Guide

The romance genre gets around. You can find romance novels about sports stars, businessmen, FBI agents and national secrets, not to mention cowboys and yes, even the occasional librarian. So why not chefs and farmers? After all, what is more sensual than food? Romance makes the perfect seasoning for a novel that revels in the tastes […]

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August = Read a Romance Month!

August is Read a Romance Month. So this month is the month to let your romance-reading flag fly! Some folks think a book needs a Man Booker prize to be worth reading, but I think a novel just needs to be the right thing at the right time for the person reading it.  And few things can offer the hopefulness and easy distraction of a romance.  So […]

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This is Big, Folks

Hey! Are you a fan of book clubs? Do you like to read eBooks? Do you hate waiting in library book hold lines? Then have I got the thing for you! This summer-- just in time for KCLS's Adult Summer Reading program (hint, hint)-- OverDrive is sponsoring The Big Library Read. The Big Library Read […]

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