Not Your Everyday ABC Books

One alphabet book is just like any other. Right? Nope! People are endlessly creative when it comes to ABC books and you can find something unique and fun for your alphabet explorer. Some of them are meant for much older kids (G is for Googol for example) but most can be used with early learners as […]

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Unicorn? Narwhal? Why Not Both!

As I sit here, wearing a shirt festooned with donut-eating narwhals and contemplating the purchase of a truly epic pair of socks, I feel compelled to share with all of you, dear readers, what I'm sure will soon be recognized as the most delightful picture book available in this or any other library system: Not […]

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“Firsts” for Kids

Many parents rejoice in documenting their child's milestones. First tooth! First steps! First day of school! Did you know that reading and talking about first experiences before they happen can ease a child's anxieties and help them process new experiences? Here are some fun books about those great leaps forward that make us grown-ups proud […]

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Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award Nominees for 2017

That's a mouthful of a title to say "some of the best picture books written for kids in the last two years." Public and school librarians with The Washington Library Media Association (WLMA) create this list every year after a lot of reading and discussion.  And this year's list is packed with winners. Of course, it's the […]

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I’m Bored…

"I'm bored" was a dangerous thing to say when I was growing up. If my mom heard this from any of her kids she could get "creative." My mother's creativity often involved cleaning something unpleasant with a toothbrush. Most of the time she would just tell us to find something to do and stop grumbling. […]

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