Make the Most of hoopla

As someone who adores analog media, my home is filled with record players, typewriters, and of course- a tall stack of books on my bedside table. I love the smell of the pages and the weight of a book in hand. Books remain my favorite library collection, but over the years, I've discovered digital services that […]

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Twin Peaks Festival…What?

In lieu of the May 21st launch of Twin Peaks: The Return, I discovered a local tradition. There is actually a Twin Peaks Festival, and it has been happening since 1993! The Twin Peaks Festival is a three-day celebration in North Bend, with a bus tour of the locations around Snoqualmie where the show was filmed. Fans […]

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David Bowie: Icon

Last Friday, a new exhibit opened at the Museum of Popular Culture in Seattle, featuring portraits of the musician David Bowie, taken by photographer Mick Rock. Rock was a Cambridge-educated Londoner, working as a journalist in the early seventies. When he interviewed bands, he would take their photographs to go along with the articles he wrote. Rock was […]

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KING FM’s Instrument Petting Zoo

Playing a musical instrument is a bit like learning another language. And with tools like baby violins available, it’s easy to start early. When the Newcastle Library hosted KING FM’s Instrument Petting Zoo last month, over one hundred children and parents came to try out a variety of instruments. Instructors from the Music Center of the […]

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Xperience! Festival Artist Interview: SSNACKSS

Today the Bellevue Library will host Xperience! Music & Technology Festival, a free all-ages weekend of music and technology. This is your chance to hear performances from incredible local artists like SassyBlack and DoNormaal and get hands-on experience with emerging technology like 3D printers and audio recording software. Whether you want to build a musical […]

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