Make the Most of hoopla

As someone who adores analog media, my home is filled with record players, typewriters, and of course- a tall stack of books on my bedside table. I love the smell of the pages and the weight of a book in hand. Books remain my favorite library collection, but over the years, I've discovered digital services that…
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*Groan* Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Soon, couples will be declaring their undying love. Hearts and flowers will be everywhere you look. What if it's not your thing? Don't worry, KCLS has got your back. Being a library, you know we're going to suggest reading as a way of getting through this holiday. So, without further ado.......…
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Pokémon Hunting Music from hoopla

Amp up your adventures hunting Pocket Monsters around King County with a streaming/downloadable* soundtrack from hoopla! Imagine walking around with one of your earbuds in and having some awesome music playing in the background... are you wondering why I said, "one" of your earbuds? Well, that's for safety. With all of your attention on your phone, you want…
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