Creepify Your Crypt

You're reading and watching some seriously spooky stuff. You've settled on a great costume. You've bought enough candy to rot your teeth a thousand times over. What else can you do to get yourself in an appropriately hair-raising mood? You need to create a suitably scary atmosphere, of course! It's time, my friends, to creepify […]

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The Right Way to Zombie Paintball

Last Halloween, I discovered the most amazing thing: zombie paintball. As a new resident of Washington, I have never seen this before. They take you out on a truck lined with paintball guns, then you simply shoot at zombies wandering around in a field. I could not stop laughing and started getting serious about getting in […]

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¿Día de los muertos o Halloween?

En una reciente visita a una tienda de Halloween me di cuenta de que los vestidos y el maquillaje inspirados en el día de muertos están siendo usados como disfraces de Halloween. Aunque hay similitudes entre el origen espiritual del día de Halloween y el del Día de los Muertos (también conocido como Día de los Santos) la forma […]

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Day of the Dead or Halloween?

As my recent visit to the Halloween store revealed, colorful Day of the Dead inspired skeleton makeup and dresses are once again trending as popular Halloween costumes in the consumer world. While Day of the Dead parallels All Saints Day origins of Halloween, the way that Halloween is celebrated in today's world (pumpkin carving, costume wearing, trick-or-treating, haunted houses) differs greatly from the sacred traditions […]

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Do you wanna read something SCARY (but not too scary)?

I love scary books. But I don't like being scared. It's kind of a problem. When kids at the library ask me for "scary books," I push back a little. How scary? Do they want spooky, or creepy, or yukky? Would they prefer horrifying or shocking? Or would eerie and strange be better? I offer the following list as suggestions for middle-grade readers who like […]

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Halloween Reads: Haunted Houses

  Aside from making a Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube costume (which I'm totally doing this year BTW), absorbing myself in dark and spooky stories is one of my favorite ways to prepare for Halloween. Nothing sets the macabre mood better for me than immersing myself in a creepy ghost-ridden residence - by way of reading, […]

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