10 to Try Check-in: November

November is a busy time of year for me, reading-wise. We're finalizing our Best Books lists (look for this year's on December 1), and as unbelievable as it sounds, I'm also already looking ahead to 2018. Luckily, I saved Read a Graphic Novel for my very last 10 to Try category, and graphic novels are usually pretty […]

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Make the Most of hoopla

As someone who adores analog media, my home is filled with record players, typewriters, and of course- a tall stack of books on my bedside table. I love the smell of the pages and the weight of a book in hand. Books remain my favorite library collection, but over the years, I've discovered digital services that […]

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Banned Comics: Very Graphic Novels

During Banned Books Week, libraries across the country celebrate intellectual freedom, one of KCLS' guiding values. Calls to ban books continue to happen every year, and some of the most frequently challenged materials come in the form of comics and graphic novels. Why might that be? The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund explains: "Comics are challenged for all of […]

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Graphic Novels: Medical Memoirs

We often take our minds and bodies for granted. Right until they stop working properly. When they do, everything is harder- our relationships, our jobs, just lying in bed can be hard when you are sick or struggling with issues related to mental health. For those with issues that are more impactful than getting this […]

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Let’s Get Graphic

Make no mistake, comic books and graphic novels can definitely be enjoyed by grown-ups! Fun, dark, kitschy, or artistic- whether you want something quick and entertaining or involved and thought-provoking, there is a graphic novel or comic out there that fits your reading flavor. Read a graphic novel or comic book and move one step closer to completing […]

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