4 Great Podcast & Book Pairings

Maybe you're a voracious podcast fiend who wants to become immersed in the topics discussed on your favorite shows. Or maybe you're a wide-eyed newbie who's just a bit intimidated by the vast, ever-expanding universe of podcast choices. In any case, this list is for you! Use it to find a book that explores similar themes as […]

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Twin Peaks Festival…What?

In lieu of the May 21st launch of Twin Peaks: The Return, I discovered a local tradition. There is actually a Twin Peaks Festival, and it has been happening since 1993! The Twin Peaks Festival is a three-day celebration in North Bend, with a bus tour of the locations around Snoqualmie where the show was filmed. Fans […]

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OneClickdigital and Zinio, Now in a Single App!

On June 27 RBdigital launched for KCLS patrons. The unified RBdigital app offers many improvements based on patron feedback. In the new app, you're able to: Access magazines and audiobooks from the same app with a single login and password. Search, download, and read/listen in one location. In-app preview, checkout, and renewal. Simple menu structure […]

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