What Would Bilbo Baggins Read?

Bilbo Baggins, the lead character in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic book may hate broken plates, but he definitely loves books. Here's what I would recommend if Bilbo ever came to my library looking for a stack. The Hobbit, Or, There and Back Again Hobbits are famous for their love of meals--plenty and often--so Bilbo would definitely […]

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A Readable Feast: The Great Pumpkin

Welcome back to A Readable Feast, where I ply my wonderful coworkers with flattery and bribery so I can share some of our best-loved recipes with you! The leaves have fallen and we've officially hit see-your-breath levels of cold weather; it must be December. Whether you're celebrating one of the many holidays coming up this […]

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Washington Apples!

Ah, Fall. Return of the rain, and...new, crispy Washington apples! Sinking your teeth into a crunchy local apple may inspire you to consider planting one or two of your own apple trees. Here in the Pacific Northwest where the ground doesn't freeze, you don't have to wait until spring thaw. Just make sure the trees […]

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It’s Picnic Season!

Is there anything more sublime than a summertime picnic? Food just tastes better when you're lounging in the sun on a big old blanket, watching happy dogs hurtle through the park, and politely swatting away the bumblebees hovering around your plate. However, I must confess, I don't have the most impressive picnic prowess. I usually show up […]

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