10 to Try Check-in: October

October is gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest. We get sunny but crisp days interspersed with the rainy gray that I'm grateful for after such a hot, smoky summer. So what better month to celebrate our beautiful corner of the country by Reading a Book by a PNW Author for 10 to Try?  Deb Caletti's What's Become of Her is […]

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Great Fiction by or about Muslims

You've read The Kite Runner and want more. Maybe you’re seeking to explore Islam more deeply. What are some great reads about (and mostly by) people who are Muslim? Reading Lolita in Tehran was on the NYT bestseller list for 117 weeks! The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf is about a devout Muslim family in 1970s Indiana. Secret […]

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Let’s Try Something New!

Are you up for a challenge this summer? How about trying a book by a debut author? This is undiscovered country, my friends. Who knows, you might just find the next hot author right here. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Eleanor Oliphant struggles with social skills.  She says exactly what's on her mind. She wears […]

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10 to Try Check-In: May

Confession: I didn't really think 10 to Try was going to  "work" for me. I read pretty broadly already (it's kind of my job, after all), so I wasn't sure I'd be trying anything different or new. But five months in, I'm finding that I'm picking up books that I might not've read otherwise - […]

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What to Read & Watch After “Girls”

Last Sunday, HBO aired the final episode of its groundbreaking, infuriating, challenging, enraging, amazing series Girls. Whether you loved it or hated it, the deeply provocative show, with its brazenly narcissistic characters, unconventional storytelling, and candid sex scenes, was impossible to ignore. While I certainly understand the critics' grievances and have struggled with elements of the show myself, I […]

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PNW Author: Kristin Hannah

I think I just might have a new crush: PNW author, Kristin Hannah! I finished her latest novel, The Nightingale, last week and now I'm madly putting holds on her other titles as fast as my fingers will hit 'place hold.' With more than 20 books to her name, you will have plenty of great reads to choose from. […]

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Superheroes With A Twist

Most of us have watched the amazing actions of larger-than-life characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Captain America. They fight the bad guys, keep us safe, and set a high standard for hard work, duty, and patriotism. But their lives are also more complicated and similar to ours than we like to think. […]

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