KCLS will be Closed Thursday, August 10 for an All Staff Day

Staff from across the entire System will be engaged in a series of collaborative activities, learning and fun–all designed to help staff connect, build teamwork and deepen KCLS’ commitment to service excellence.

All KCLS libraries, Service Center and Ask KCLS will be closed.

The KCLS catalog and website will be available.

Normal hours resume Friday, August 11.

Why an All Staff Day?

The King County Library System takes the responsibility to its many communities and patrons seriously. Staff works diligently year-round to provide excellent service to the public through each of our 49 (soon to be 50!) libraries, plus the Issaquah Service Center, and Preston Materials Distribution Center.

KCLS does not undertake library closures lightly. They are exceedingly rare, and are usually related to weather events or conditions that make travel and work unsafe for employees. The only other exception has been our practice in recent years to close specific regions of libraries for important trainings, address organizational challenges, seek and develop ideas and make connections with colleagues that do not routinely work together.

But on August 10, for the first time in decades, we are bringing everyone who works for KCLS—every position, in every region—together on one day for a large-scale team-building experience. This is especially valuable given the sheer size of the geographical expanse (2,200 sq. miles) we serve.

As one of the nation’s largest and busiest library systems, and also because of the reality of county-wide travel and traffic difficulties, we are challenged to find ways to connect staff with each other, to create a shared sense of identity and purpose, to develop as teams, to recognize each other’s strengths and contributions, to learn from and with each other, and to simply enjoy each other’s company.

We believe our staff has earned a day to learn, play, and be together. We believe that creating this opportunity to do so will strengthen a sense of belonging and shared purpose, build morale, and energize and enhance individual performance and productivity. All of which will ultimately benefit the public.

Our new Strategic Focus, which will guide our work for the next five years strives to:

Create opportunities through meaningful connections – to information and services, skills and knowledge, and one another.

We intend this Staff Day to be one powerful way to do just that for the over 1,300 individuals who come to work at KCLS each day in service to our communities and patrons.

We thank you for your understanding and support.