Food and Beverage Guidelines

Policy Owner(s): Director of Public Services — Operations

Date of Origin: 6/10
Date(s) of Revision:

KCLS recognizes that the consumption of food and beverages in the library is seen as a reasonable comfort offered in a community gathering place. These guidelines outline the types of food and beverages allowed in the library and those that are prohibited as they could be expected to damage library materials, equipment and furnishings, or interfere with others use and enjoyment of the library.

The consumption of food and beverages is permitted in public areas of KCLS facilities as follows:


  • Food limited to snacks or wrapped items which are consumed individually.
  • Non‐alcoholic beverages in securely lidded containers (e.g. covered cups or travel mugs, twist top bottles) or spill‐resistant containers (e.g. aluminum cans, Thermos or sports bottles with closable spouts).

Food and beverages may be consumed by groups utilizing the library meeting rooms in accordance with the Meeting Room Use Policy.


  • Group meals or open plates of food.
  • Messy, crumbly, sticky and/or odorous foods or snacks.
  • Alcoholic beverages, except at special events with required approvals.
  • Delivery of food or beverages to the library.

Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves by properly disposing of empty containers and trash.

Patrons in violation of these guidelines will be required to remove or dispose of their food or beverages and/or asked to
leave the library.