Computer Use, Booking & Printing Policy

Policy Owner(s): Director of Public Services — Operations

Computer Use, Booking & Printing Policy 

Policy Owner(s): Deputy Director, Public Services 

December 23, 2019 

Date of Origin: 9/91
Date(s) of Revision: 6/93, 4/02, 12/03, 8/08, 3/3/16, 3/20

The King County Library System (KCLS) strives to provide library users with access to computer and printing services. This policy outlines the ways in which the public are expected to use these resources, as well as the limitations placed on the amount of time and printing. 



King County Library system offers desktop computers equipped with basic productivity software, internet access, and special access to learning resources and databases. All KCLS locations offer printers, copiers and scanners for public use.  



  • King County residents and other eligible borrowers are required to obtain a KCLS library card to use public computers. Individuals must use their own library card number only to log on. 
  • Visitors to King County and those who are ineligible for a KCLS library card, including individuals in non‐reciprocal borrowing areas, may obtain a one‐year PC Only — Ineligible Card by presenting valid photo ID with birth date. 
  • Each KCLS library sets an individual daily time limit for computer use. 
  • Patrons may use up to the maximum minutes per day on the public computers at each library depending on site time limits. 
  • Patrons may reserve a public computer up to two (2) days in advance in-person, by telephone, or online at 
  • Only one reservation can be made at a time. The first reservation must be used before another can be scheduled. 
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes, after which public computers become available for use by others. A missed reservation counts as 10 minutes of the total daily time available to a patron  
  • Public computers will automatically log off at closing. 

KCLS cannot guarantee the performance or reliability of the public computers or the software on them. All copyright laws apply when using public computers and the Internet in the library. 



  • Patrons with an all-access KCLS library account or a PC Only – Ineligible Card are given $1.50 in free printing each week (Sunday through Saturday). This allowance does not cumulate or roll over. 
  • Current fees for printing beyond the free limit are posted at all KCLS locations. 
  • Patrons using the pay to print kiosk may also pay for copying and printing above the $1.50 in free prints. 
  • Public computer printing is directed to a network printer. Patrons may claim their print jobs using their library account number and PIN at a Print Release station. 
  • Patrons using personal devices are invited to use in order to log into their library accounts and use the library printers, or save to a storage device, and then use a public computer to claim the print job. 
  • Staff will not change paper for custom printing projects for patrons. Staff will assist patrons in finding commercial printing businesses that provide these services. 


DEFINITIONS (if applicable) 

  • PC Only — Ineligible Card: A card issued only to individuals that are not eligible for a KCLS library card, including
    those in non‐reciprocal borrowing areas. 
  • Valid Photo ID: Acceptable examples of photo ID include with birth date a driver’s license (current or expired),
    Washington state ID card, passport, U.S. military ID, or matricula consular (issued by the Mexican government). 
  • Computer Block: Suspension of all computer use and printing privileges across the Library System for an official