A July Display of Healing

AlTo: Nature and People in the World’s Biodiversity Capital

Please visit our Vashon display case this July to discover the amazing works of the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (ALTO).

https://cor-liv-cdn-static.bibliocommons.com/image_proxy?url=http://www.supergreenme.com/data/files/58207/51932936d93d0-Alliance%20for%20Tompotika%20Conservation.jpg"Indonesia is the world’s biodiversity capital, with more plant and animal species in its terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments than any other country in the world. Indonesia also has more endangered species than any other country in the world, many of them endangered by human agency. [ALTO] is an international partnership dedicated to helping heal the relationship between people and the rest of nature, starting in one very special place: the Tompotika Peninsula on Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi.  Side by side with local people, AlTo works to conserve endangered species and natural areas. At the same time, AlTo supports the dignity, self-sufficiency, and sustainability of the human communities in the area."

The display case is located in the Children's Area.  Check it out each month!