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Robots Are Taking Over the World


Once upon a time robots were the stuff of science fiction books, television shows and the imagination of children. Now there are robots being built for all kinds of reasons in the hopes of making our lives better, safer and more entertaining. From cleaning your house, performing surgery and helping children go to school, robots […]

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Join Readers Worldwide for the Big Library Read!

Image shows a tablet and smartphone. The tablet has a book cover image that shows a woman in a white dress turned away; the tablet shows an ebook website.

There's one week left to join readers all over the world in this summer's Big Library Read!  In case you missed Hope's full rundown of the Big Library Read last week, here's the quick and dirty version: it's a digital book club for public libraries that makes one eBook instantly available to anyone with a […]

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The Woodmont Public Garden


The Woodmont Library is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its wildly successful public garden. Created in 2012 by Children’s Librarian Deborah Sandler, each year it just gets better and better. Thanks to this year’s Children’s Librarian Robin Howe, we are continuing the tradition. The peas and kale are ready and the strawberries are coming on […]

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Reading….It’s Not Just For Kids!

It's summertime! Even now as an adult summer evokes the idea of relaxation and rest. It’s time to slow down and take time to enjoy things that make us happy. Here in the Pacific Northwest summer is especially great as it is such a spectacular time of year. July and August are the reason many of […]

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