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Springtime Blues…And Pinks…And Reds…

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We're only in the first week of spring and already I'm looking forward to summer and flip-flop weather. The rain is getting me down, and I've just run out of my allergy medication, but to top it all off, I now have the gosh darn cutest new spring invaders in my yard: Last year I […]

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Celebrating National Library Week

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Libraries are transformational spaces that our communities depend on for the tools and resources needed to improve lives, regardless of income or circumstances. Libraries are not simply a place to be… they are a place to do. The week of April 9-15 marks the 59th year of National Library Week, a time to celebrate the […]

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Craft-spiration for All!

Paint brushes, pencils and paint.

Recently there has been a large movement in bringing back the art of crafting. From DIY home projects to old fashioned hobbies like knitting, the world of craft has grown in popularity in recent years inspiring new websites, television shows, and events. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are solely devoted to helping people sell art, […]

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From Martha to Melania

A photo of the White House.

I just read a great new book, which I had to share: A Kids' Guide to America's First Ladies.BibWidget I read mine as an electronic copy: A Kids' Guide to America's First LadiesBibWidget In each profile of a First Lady, the author includes pieces of what was happening in the world at the time of their role […]

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No One Can Ruin Your Beloved Story (Really)

Beauty and the Beast Disney Animated Movie cover

I know it feels like that; when someone with an axe to grind decides to, well, take an axe, to something you loved about a book or a movie in their new production. Writer Jagi Lamplighter explains why so many introverted, book-loving girls feel utterly betrayed by Disney Corp's decision to make Belle an inventor, because, according to […]

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